Business & financial translations.

Your passport to a global market!


Our translators are certified and possess the appropriate expertise in each area of activity to guarantee the accuracy of your translation


We handle each and every document as highly confidential and take all necessary steps to ensure their non disclosure

Response Times

We respond to all requests within two hours and our large pool of professional linguists allows us to deliver large volumes at short deadlines

Customer Service

We work with multinationals, small start-ups, freelancers, and individuals. Regardless of the size of your company, you will enjoy the same high level of service and short delivery times

Translation of business texts

Today, the whole planet is "open for business" and language should not stand in the way of your plans. ACM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki is your experienced partner for any commercial translation, in more than 100 language combinations. Your business can now communicate in any language you wish!

The appropriate style, a smooth-flowing text, and the appropriate use of words are key factors in ensuring your text has the credibility it deserves. For this reason, our business translation linguists ensure that the translated texts are first and foremost well-written and absolutely accurate.

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Experience in a wide range of business documents

ACM Translations can translate any documents related to the operation of a business, as well as texts related to marketing and promotional activities. 
For example, you can trust us whenever the need for translation of the following arises:
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightE-mail & corporate communication
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMarketing and advertising material
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightBusiness and marketing plans
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightCorporate and commercial presentations (in electronic form e.g. Powerpoint or in printed form)
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightRequests For Proposals
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightQuotes and invoices
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightBalance Sheets
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightBills and bank statements
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightOperating regulations
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightInternal documents
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightTraining materials
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightBusiness operation standards in different countries
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightWebsites
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightBusiness contracts and agreements
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMaterials for conferences and corporate events
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMinutes of BoD meetings

Do you require a translation quote?

Submit your request and you will receive our quote in 2 business hours