Legal Translation Service

Top quality, accurate legal translations in over 100 languages.


We treat all information in absolute confidentiality and sign non-disclosure agreements both with our clients as well as with all our linguists to ensure the secrecy of your documents.


All members of our legal translation team are either law school graduates or qualified professional translators specializing in legal translation with at least 3 years of experience. 


We work with renowned law firms, major corporations as well as individuals to translate contracts, agreements, AoAs, statutes, lawsuits, legal statements, etc. 

Translation of legal texts

Anyone involved with legal documents knows that proper phrasing can make a difference in the successful outcome of a trial or the execution of an agreement. This is why accuracy is critical in legal translations.

ΑCM Translations has the required know-how and experience as well as a team of translators in various countries specializing in legal documents to accurately translate and convey the meaning of any legal document.

We also provide translation support during a trial or when drafting a legal contract or agreement, in addition to translating documents on the most intricate legal issues into more than 100 languages and at competitive prices, with an optional certification by a lawyer also available.

Great law firms from around the globe, world-renowned businesses as well as individual clients entrust us with the translation of their documents. We take great pride in the fact most of our legal translations are from return clients.


We understand the importance of confidentiality and security, especially with respect to legal and business issues. We are committed to ensuring that any document or information you share with us stays confidential. To enforce that, we have signed non-disclosure agreements with all our providers. NDAs with clients can also be entered into upon request.

Specialization in legal documents

All the members of our Legal Translation team have been evaluated via strict test translations and are either law school graduates or certified professional translators specializing in the legal field.

Our global network of linguists helps us provide legal translations into more than 100 languages. The use of expert local translators has the benefit of a better understanding of the legal system used in the country in which the translated documents will be used.

Every word of every legal document we deliver, from a simple private agreement to the most complex legal report, is accurately translated by specialists. Attention to detail, which is critical in legal translations, remains our top priority. 

Experience and specialization in legal fields

Our team of legal translators with thousands of hours of experience help us translate a wide range of legal documents, such as:

  • Civil Law
  • European Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Property Law (e.g. Contracts, transfers, etc.)
  • Maritime Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Succession Law
  • Tax Law
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Family Law

We can also provide urgent translations within very right deadlines, while our quality assurance system ensures the punctuality and professionalism in every translation we deliver.  We are at any time ready to provide large volume translations into several languages, while more than 95% of our projects are delivered ahead of the deadline.

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