Certified Translations for use in Greece and abroad.

General, business, financial and legal documents.


  • qxio-checkmarkGreek and foreign degrees
  • qxio-checkmarkBirth, death, marriage certificates
  • qxio-checkmarkTranscripts
  • qxio-checkmarkUniversity Certificates
  • qxio-checkmarkDocuments for Greek Authoritie


  • qxio-checkmarkCorporate documents (Articles of Association, supporting documents)
  • qxio-checkmarkLegal documents (contracts, agreements, court documents)
  • qxio-checkmarkAccounting or financial documents (balance sheets, etc.)
  • qxio-checkmarkProfessional Translations

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  • qxio-checkmarkSame-day*
  • qxio-checkmarkDelivery by courier to Greece
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Certified Translations by ACM Translations

ACM Translations provides official translations (also called certified translations or notarized translations) which adhere to the requirements of Greek Law and can be used both in Greece and abroad.

The result is an accurate and official translation certified by a lawyer, which is equivalent to the translations provided by translators certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our officially translated documents are accepted in Ministries, Municipalities, Tax Authorities, General Secretariats, Directorates of Primary or Secondary Education, Embassies, Associations, Chambers, Banks, and various other public and private sector organizations and bodies.

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Official or certified translations for use in Greece and abroad, equivalent to the official translations provided by translators certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Our certified translations can be submitted to any public authority in Greece. Ask for a quote now for the official translation of the following documents:
  • qxio-checkmarkCertificates
  • qxio-checkmarkDegrees
  • qxio-checkmarkDiplomas
  • qxio-checkmarkTranscripts
  • qxio-checkmarkBalance sheets
  • qxio-checkmarkArticles of association
  • qxio-checkmarkMedical documents

Translations of degrees in all languages

from all languages into Greek
(TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, Michigan, EDI, IELTS, City & Guilds, ESB, etc.)
in all languages for use abroad

Official translations in over 100 language combinations

Financial documents
Contracts and Agreements
Certificates and Supporting Documents
Tax documents
Personal Documents
Legal documents



Our official translations include all the required certifications to ensure your documents will be accepted by all public authorities in Greece.
For official translations into other languages and to avoid any inconvenience, we advise you confirm with the foreign authority or organization their certification requiments for translated documents.
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