Interpreting Services in Greece

Communicate in any language through our excellent interpreting service.

Interpreting services in Athens and Thessaloniki

With offices both in Athens and Thessaloniki, ACM Τranslations can address any interpreting request by working with interpreters trained in the different types of interpreting, in many languages

Interpreting is a requirement when organizing a convention, a conference or seminar with foreign speakers, as well as for professional meetings and closing international agreements. Aiming to cover all of your linguistic needs, we can provide a wide range of interpreting services, responding with professionalism, promptness and versatility any time you need a specialized interpreter. 

Highly experienced certified interpreters

We offering our linguistic expertise by working only with highly qualified and specialized certified interpreters. All our interpreters have at least 3 years of interpreting experience in the required sector. Becoming a certified interpreter, apart from being very fluent in a language, also involves a long course of studies and thorough training.

In addition to our Athens and Thessaloniki offices, ACM Translations also works with a global network of  local interpreters which allows us to make targeted assignments of interpreting services through our pool of local interpreters in each country, when required. This way we can select the interpreter who best matches your requirements, while also taking into account the years of experience and specializing in the required language and field. 

Experience in a wide range of specialization fields

Our team’s experience goes back decades, as our interpreters have worked in a huge spectrum of industries and have become familiar with all types of linguistic requirements and special terminologies, such as business, technical, legal, medical, pharmaceutical and financial. Our large team of interpreters can address any need and specialization

Offered types of interpreting services

ΑCM Translations in Athens provides all types of interpreting: 

Simultaneous interpreting

It is used in conferences and international events.  The interpreter is not in the same area as the speakers, but inside a booth, while usually teams of interpreters are used in each language combination to handle the workload.  These type of interpreting services require high organizational skills, special equipment, experience and expert knowledge of the respective field. It is considered the most challenging type of interpreting. 

Consecutive interpreting

Ideal for smaller events, with a small number of speakers. The interpreter is in the same area as the speakers, taking notes and in the end conveying everything that was said into another language. The interpreter must be specialized in the subject field, while promptness and concentration are also extremely important. 

Whispered interpreting (Chuchotage)

This is employed when a meeting is held between few speakers, as well as in private meetings.  The interpreter is right next to the speakers and is interpreting while they speak, by whispering directly in their ear. Apart from linguistic fluency and speed, this type of interpreting also requires interpersonal skills and discretion. 

Flexibility and alternative means

Since most professional conversations today are not necessarily held in person, but often via conference calls or through video calls, our office is ready to address these new type of requests as well. With the proper arrangements, we can also provide interpreting services via telephone/Skype/video call, to facilitate your business contacts.

Confidentiality and professionalism

All our associates are known for their professionalism. We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality in any interpreting assignment. An ACM Translations interpreter can attend any meeting you require without jeopardizing the secrecy of your talks.