Website Localization

We localize websites in over 100 languages without touching the underlying code. Localized SEO service is also available.

E-shop translation

Translate your e-shop now to reach foreign language speakers in Greece or target new markets!

SEO optimization

When translating your website, we carry out basic optimization for search engines. Optional Premium SEO service which includes keywords research also available.

Supported Files

In addition to the usual file formats (MS Word and Excel), we also support HTML, PHP, ASP, and XML files. Regardless of the format, we keep the code intact.

Website Localization

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives, for informational, commercial, and other reasons. Consequently, the corporate website is the mirror of your business, which is instantly accessible to millions of users and potential customers in every corner of the globe.

A professional website translation, with correct rendering of the information contained therein, significantly improves your company's image in the eyes of visitors. Visitors to your website and potential customers will also be able to better understand your informative and promotional texts, as well as the individual features and benefits of your products or services, thus increasing the chances of a transaction.

By combining the latest automated tools with our specialized professional translators, we provide you with excellent translation of your website content, with texts that flow naturally and make sense to the visitor. And all this while keeping the code intact, regardless of the technical characteristics of the website being translated!

At the same time, we translate the texts according to the rules set by the search engines in order to facilitate ranking of your website in the organic results of these search engines, such as Google. We use expressions and words (''keywords'') so that they can be understood by visitors and also be easily tracked and understood by search engines - search engine friendly translation.

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Calculation of cost and delivery time
The cost of translating a website is calculated based on the number of words in its content. Depending on the technology that your website uses, there are different ways of extracting the texts in order to count the words and calculate the cost. If possible, we suggest that you request the text in Word, Excel, or HTML format from your site administrator.

Alternatively, we can undertake the process of extracting the content of your website, including menus, footers, and other sections (excluding any hidden fields, text, and pages) to provide you with a cost estimate.

In general, the factors that affect the cost of translation and the delivery time of the translated text of your website include:
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightThe languages you wish to translate into
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightThe volume of text to be translated
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightThe file format in which you will provide us with the original text (txt, Word, Excel, PHP, XML, HTML, etc.)
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightWhether or not translation of images and multimedia is required and the corresponding graphic editing that will be needed
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightThe sector in which you operate and the difficulty of rendering content in the languages you have chosen

Website Localization

Extraction of website text

Our office can handle the process of extracting the text from your website. However, please keep in mind that we can only extract the editable elements that are visible on each page. Our quote will only include the translation of the exact number of words specified therein which have been extracted with the use of specialized software.
Manual Extraction
To manual extract the text from your website, you will have to visit each page using a web browser and copy the contents to a Word file. 
Useful tips:
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightCreate a different Word file for each page of your website and use the page title as the file name
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightCreate a table with two columns and multiple rows. You will copy-paste the source text sentence-by-sentence in the left columns and we will provide the translation on the right columns. Using this method, you will be able to insert the translations in your website even for languages you are not fluent in or for languages that do not use a Latin alphabet.
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightAdd each sentence in a new table row, to make it easier to match the content when you want to import it.
Automated export to an XML / CSV file
Several commercial CMS offer the option of exporting website contents to XML or CSV files (purchase of an additional plugin may be required).

This usually requires some web development knowledge, so you may want to ask your website administrator if you CMS offers this option.

If you require help with the extraction of your website contents or want to receive a quote for the translation of your website, contact us now to speak with one of our website localization specialists.

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