Website Localization

We localize websites in over 100 languages without touching the underlying code. Localized SEO service also available.

100+ Languages

We provide website localization services in over 100 languages through our global network of expert linguists.

SEO Translations

All our web page translations are search engine optimized. You can also order our Premium keyword research and optimization service.

File Support

We can work with HTML, PHP, ASP and XML files, in addition to MS Word and MS Excel files. Regardless of the format, the code will remain untouched.

Website Localization

The Internet is today an integral part of our everyday lives, and not only for commercial reasons. As a result, a corporate web page is a reflection of your business, one that is accessible by millions of users and prospective clients all around the globe.

To promote your business internationally, you need a perfectly translated web site so that target audiences properly understand your products or services and to ensure your launch into foreign market is successful.

Furthermore, research shows that companies with web sites available in many languages make a better impression on visitors.

In our translation offices in Athens and Thessaloniki we know about the particularities of each local dialect and we localize your web page according to the linguistic rules used in the country you are targetting, as well as to the terminology used in your business field.

We combine cutting-edge software tools with the expertise of our professional linguists to provide immaculate web site translations. Regardless of the platform your website uses, we maintain the underlying source code intact and provide a translation which makes sense to target visitors.

Our translation uses relevant keywords in the target language to ensure it is search engine friendly, to assist in the ranking of your web page in search engine result pages.

A Premium SEO translation service is also available at an extra charge, which also includes keyword research in the targeted language and location.

Cost estimate and delivery time

The cost of a web page translation is calculated on the basis of the number of words it contains. Depending on the platform used by your website, there are several ways to extract the texts to proceed with a word count and estimate the cost for translation. If possible, we suggest you ask your web designer to provide the texts in Word, Excel, XML or HTML format.

Alternatively, we can use an automated tool to extract the texts, including menus, headings and footers. However, hidden fields, conditional texts and login protected pages cannot be extracted by our tool and will therefore not be included in the cost estimate.

Overall, the factors affecting translation cost and delivery time when it comes to translating texts for your web page are:

  • The languages into which the web page is to be translated
  • The volume of texts (number of words) to be translated
  • The format of the original text files you will provide us with (txt, Word, Excel, PHP, XML, HTML, or other)
  • Whether you also need translation of texts in images and extra graphic design services
  • The subject matter and the degree of difficulty of translating into the languages you have chosen
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