Medical translation services

Our experienced and specialized linguists provide accurate medical translations in over 100 languages.

Express Delivery

We launched our express medical translation service to address the needs of clients in cases of emergencies, without jeopardizing the high quality of our services. 


We can handle all medical specialties in more than 100 languages. We always select the best qualified and experienced translator to ensure the best possible translation outcome.

Quality Assurance

Our agency’s Quality Assurance System includes multiple checks carried out by experienced translators or doctors to ensure the accuracy of our translation.


We work both with individual clients for smaller documents, as well as with medical device and consumables manufacturers and hospitals.

Translation of medical texts

Medicine today has no boundaries. The increasing need for accurate and scientifically valid translations, with proper medical terminology, is what made ACM Translations develop its medical translation experts.

Our basic principle at ACM Translations is to fully understand something before we translate it. For this reason, we have created a team of certified translators-scientists to meet the requirements for medical correctness and accuracy inherent in medical translations, in many language combinations.

We can translate medical texts in digital forms or hard copy, including handwritten documents. We are also familiar with the, often indiscernible, handwriting of doctors, a common problem with medical translations. 

Specialization in various medical fields

We are aware that medical translations involve several different fields, depending on the specialization of each text. This is why ACM Translations works with a large number of translators, covering the whole spectrum of different medical specialties in more than 100 languages. Depending on the text you want translated we will select the most suitable, professional and certified translator. Our linguists and associate doctors are perfectly trained and keep up with the latest scientific developments, to ensure we will meet all your requirements. 

Experience in a wide range of medical texts and materials

We provide translations for different types of medical texts, such as:

  • medical records
  • medical opinions and reports
  • scientific papers and articles
  • theses
  • medical manuals
  • presentations for medical conferences
  • medical exam results
  • manuals for medical devices and medical equipment
  • medical expense bills 

Quality Assurance and Medical Accuracy system

ΑCM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki has implemented a quality assurance system that consists of consecutive checks of the translation by expert translators or doctors to ensure the accuracy of the translation we deliver. At ACM Translations, you can rest assured that your translator is an expert in the specific medical field and the required terminology. 

Express delivery of medical translations

In response to the requests by many customers, we created the express medical translation service for urgent cases, when patients need to travel abroad or contact foreign physicians. We stand by our customers and their doctors and act quickly to assist them, without any compromises in the quality of our work.

Our clients

The medical translation services provided by our agency is addressed both to patients who wish to translate their medical records as well as hospitals and doctors.  We also work with universities, researchers, insurance companies, public organizations, medical device manufacturers, etc.  Our aim is to provide high-quality medical translations at a reasonable cost while maintaining the confidentiality of your medical records.

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