Medical translations

Our experienced and specialized linguists provide accurate medical translations in over 100 languages.

Express Delivery

We launched our express medical translation service to address the needs of clients in cases of emergencies, without jeopardizing the high quality of our services.


Medical translations by certified translators with expertise in the medical field. We cover the full range of medical specialties in more than 100 language combinations

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance system includes consecutive checks by qualified medical translators


We work with private individuals, as well as with hospitals, clinics, research institutes, organizations, and health care institutions

Translation of medical texts

Nowadays, medical science has no borders. The growing need for accurate and scientifically valid translations has prompted ACM Translations to further develop its expertise in medical translations.

One of our basic principles at ACM Translations is to never translate something we do not fully understand. For this reason, we have assembled a team of certified translators and scientists who are able to meet the medical industry's high demands for scientific accuracy and correct terminology.

At our translation agency, we possess the expertise to translate medical documents and texts of all medical specialties. As our translations are never automated, we can translate medical texts from any digital or non-digital format, as well as handwritten notes by doctors.

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Accurate Translations for all Medical Specialties

Medical translation is a distinct discipline, as the various medical specialties are characterized by linguistic particularities and each requires knowledge of specific medical terminology. For this reason, ACM Translations works with a multitude of translators, covering the entire range of medical specialties in more than 100 language combinations! Depending on the document you wish to translate, we turn to the appropriate partner who is always certified.

Our translators are well trained and highly skilled, making sure to remain up-to-date on all the latest scientific developments in order to be able to fully meet your needs.

Experience in a wide range of medical documents and texts 
We translate various medical documents and texts, such as:
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightPatient files
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMedical opinions and reports
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightScientific papers and articles
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightTheses
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightDiagnostic tests
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightPresentations for medical conferences
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMedical textbooks
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightInstructions for the use of medical equipment and machinery
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMedical expense receipts
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightClinical trials

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Quality assurance and medical correctness system

ACM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki has a proven quality assurance system that includes consecutive checks of the translated texts by specialized medical translators and medical researchers, so you can be 100% sure of the accuracy of the translation you receive.

At ACM Translations, you can always be sure that your translator is specialized in the medical specialty and terminology relevant to the text you have submitted to us.

Medical translations express delivery service

In response to the needs of many of our clients, ACM Translations offers an express medical translation service in case of emergency patient travel abroad or communication with foreign doctors.

We stand beside the patient and the doctor at all times and we mobilize immediately to facilitate them, without of course undermining the high level of quality that sets us apart.

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