Technical Translations

We provide accurate and scientifically sound technical translations

Quality Control

The terminology and scientific accuracy of our technical translations are thoroughly checked before delivery to avoid mistakes.


Any technical or supporting documents, as well as other information you share with us, shall remain confidential.

File Formats

We can translate files in many different formats, such as MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or AutoCAD drawings.


We have earned the trust of major global corporations, start-ups as well as individuals while providing the best possible customer service to our clients. 

Translation of technical texts

The translation of technical documents demands a high degree of accuracy, especially in fields that require great attention to even the smallest detail. “Technical translation” is the translation of any document that concerns instructions for use or is related to technology or science.

So why not give your business the chance to conquer the global market? You can start with a technically immaculate translation! Bid for technical works anywhere around the world.  Or import a foreign product or introduce a new service into your local market, while ensuring it will be properly used and marketed in your language.   ΑCM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki is your dedicated, expert Technical Translation partner, when it comes to translating forms, web pages, information material to be used in presentations and international trade shows. 

Expert Translators and Terminology

Our linguists have the necessary scientific and higher academic background required to translate and localize accurately but, the same time naturally, any text you want to translate.

We are also very experienced in subject-specific terminology in languages like:

English, French, German, Russian, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Croatian, Urdu and several others.

Some of our strong points:

  • Specialization and technical knowledge
  • Quality Assurance
  • We offer a wide range of language combinations
  • Our teams consists of qualified professional translators and reviewers
  • Punctual and prompt deliveries
  • Confidentiality
  • Flexibility

Experience & Know-How

At ΑCM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki you will find professional translators who have gained thousands of hours of experience translating technical documents like:

  • User Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • Technical manuals
  • Architectural designs
  • Industrial plans
  • Mechanical instructions

Furthermore, we can handle very large translation projects in more than 100 languages, but also meet your specific needs and adapt your text to the requirements and style of each local market (localization).

Contact us now to receive a cost estimate for your technical translation.