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ISO Certified regular and official translations
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Certified Translations in Thessaloniki

ACM Translations in Thessaloniki provides regular and certified professional translations to individuals and businesses through our office in Thessaloniki.

Our office is open on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.30. You can also buy the translation of specific documents in our e-shop or you can send in your request by email or using our online quote form.

Furthermore, ACM Translations is ISO:17100 (translation services), ISO:18587 (post-editing of machine translation) and ISO:9001 (quality assurance) certified to ensure we provide a consistent and top-quality service.
Επίσημες Μεταφράσεις

Official Translations

We provide official translations (or translations certified by a lawyer) to individuals and businesses
Μεταφράσεις Εγγράφων ACM Translations

Document Translation

We specialize in business, legal, medical, pharma and technical translations
Υπηρεσίες Διερμηνείας ACM Translations


We offer simultaneous, consecutive and whispered (chuchotage) interpreting
Μετάφραση Ιστοσελίδας ACM Translations

Website Localization

Top-quality website localization in over 100 languages. SEO optimization service available
Μετάφραση Λογισμικού ACM Translations

Software Localization

Translation of desktop, mobile & web apps, with support for resource files, PO, XML, Excel and more
Μετάφραση σε όλες τις Γλώσσες ACM Translations

Supported Languages

We provide top-quality translations in over 100 languages with quick delivery times

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Fields Of Specialization

We specialize in several different fields, such as business, medical, pharma, legal, technical, financial and IT translations.
Translation of business and commercial texts and documents, such as Articles of Association, contracts, presentations and marketing material
We offer translation for all medical fields in more than 100 language combinations
We provide translation of contracts, pleadings, lawsuits, with absolute confidentiality
We provide translations of technical manuals, CAD designs, and technical studies by experienced and specialized translators
Pharmaceutical translations conforming to EMA, AMA or local Medicines Agencies specifications
Translations for the hotel and tourism industry, in 100 languages
Accurate translations of financial statements, balance sheets and banking documents, with absolute confidentiality
We work with leading companies in the fields of cosmetics and baby products
We provide translations for applications, games, software, and mobile apps

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Submit your request and you will receive our quote in 2 business hours